Best Christmas Movies to Watch in 2022

It’s that time of year again! Time to curl up with a warm blanket and a mug of hot cocoa to watch the best Christmas movies and get in that holiday spirit. Or rewatch Die Hard — for the Christmas songs, of course.

Christmas movies are a polarizing topic. You either love them or you hate them. There’s no middle ground, but why is that? You have such a wide range of Christmas movies to choose from, whether you like fairy tales, redemption stories, cynical approaches, or comedies. Surely you can find something that hits the spot. That’s what I’m here for. I’ll help you find a Christmas movie that could even turn the Grinch’s frown upside down.

What Makes a Good Christmas Movie?

We all know there are (too) many Christmas movies to choose from out there, but more than a few of them are kinda boring and full of underwhelming cliches. So what makes a truly great Christmas movie? For me, it has to have a few key elements.

A good Christmas movie should have a feel-good factor. It needs to be the kind of movie that makes you want to sing along with the songs, have a hearty laugh, and put on your best Santa hat. It should also have a good story and some fantastical elements. 

Some cliches are good to have, too. We love watching characters grow, overcome obstacles, and experience the magic of the holidays. And all the best Christmas movies have a strong message about family, friends, and togetherness, all set in an enchanting winter wonderland. These kinds of films hit those nostalgia notes that teleport you to your childhood when you sat by your glowing tree, watching Home Alone or The Nightmare Before Christmas

I picked titles that tick these boxes to help you find the best Christmas movies to watch this holiday season!

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Best Movies to Watch this Christmas, Ranked

I know you’re probably sick of the same old Hallmark stories every year, so you’ll find a balanced selection of timeless classics and new Christmas movies on Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, and other streaming platforms. Start baking those cookies and get ready for your Christmas movie marathon!  

1. It’s a Wonderful Life

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It’s a Wonderful Life is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to holiday cheer. It has all the classic hallmarks of a heartwarming Christmas movie — snow, music, and community spirit. It also captures so very well the true essence of what Christmas is really all about: compassion, kindness, and redemption.

George Bailey is a kind and honorable man, but he reaches a breaking point when it looks like the Building and Loan he’s devoted his life to saving is on the brink of failure. It’s Christmas Eve, and he becomes suicidal, wishing he’d never been born. But a guardian angel named Clarence Odbody comes along to show him hope again!

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2. Home Alone

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90’s kids will agree Christmas is never complete without the Home Alone franchise. There are now six movies (wait, what?!) following the adventures of a boy who somehow always ends up home alone during the holiday season. However, it’s the first movie, starring young Macauley Culkin, that won our hearts. In this movie, he plays an 8-year-old boy who has to outsmart a pair of very clumsy burglars who keep trying to break into his house.

If you, by some Christmas miracle, never watched Home Alone, switch on Disney+ and enjoy. Even if you’ve watched the movie, a little bit of holiday season nostalgia can only do you good. In the end, who doesn’t love a good comedy?

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3. Die Hard

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Ah Die Hard, the ultimate Christmas movie! Everyone who watches it is sure to agree it’s one heck of a classic. Its phenomenal cast, gripping action sequences, and classic one-liners make it stand above all other movies released at the time — and even today. 

Sure, it’s an explosive action movie, but the unexpected Christmas themes of redemption, togetherness, and self-sacrifice make it an unforgettable Christmas classic. From the very first scene with John McClane’s “Yippee Ki Yay m@%^#^*&$@#r!” to his run barefoot through broken glass scene, to his memorable line “Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho”, Die Hard is surely a beloved piece of 80s greatness that’ll keep you laughing for many Christmasses to come.

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4. A Christmas Story Christmas

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The iconic 1983 Christmas classic, A Christmas Story, got a long-awaited sequel this year. In the new film called… A Christmas Story Christmas, now adult Ralphie goes back home with his own family to show them an “old-fashioned Christmas.” He’s also there to comfort his mother, as he’s just gotten word his father died.

A Christmas Story Christmas is not as snarky in its humor as its predecessor. It has a more sincere tone, and still hits those childhood Christmas nostalgia notes for all of us who sympathized with 11-year-old Ralphie. Although characterized as a family drama, this movie will get you laughing, crying, and feeling warm and fuzzy with its happy ending.

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5. The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas is a treat that’s worth watching and rewatching every single Christmas. This macabre stop-motion movie sets the mood for the entire period between Halloween and Christmas, as it blends the two holidays.

Jack Skellington is from Halloween town, but he accidentally stumbles upon Christmas town. He’s immediately enchanted and decides Christmas is now his domain and he’ll be Santa. The Pumpkin King’s obsession with this holiday makes him abduct Santa so he can take on the red mantle.

This is a story of a misfit who wants to do well, but his own personality quirks prevent him from doing things “the right way.” The plot is enchanting, and you’ll find yourself singing the movie’s catchy tunes all year long.

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6. Spirited

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Imagine Will Farrell and Ryan Reynolds dancing and singing Christmas-themed songs. Well, now you don’t have to imagine! Spirited is here to take you to the world of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. However, this is a modern, musical retelling of the famous novel and its many adaptations.

The Ghost of Christmas Present (Will Farrell) is about to retire, but needs to find his replacement first. He sets his eye on Clint Briggs (Ryan Reynolds), a person who’s considered unredeemable. The Ghost of Christmas Present makes it his life’s work to redeem Clint, which leads to a lot of laughter and high-spirited entertainment.

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7. Miracle on 34th Street

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Every year when the holiday season rolls around, this old classic is a must-see: Miracle on 34th Street. Sure, watching a 1947 academy award winner might not be as fun as playing in the snow or opening presents, but it’ll definitely put you in the holiday mood.

Miracle on 34th Street conjures all the elements of a beloved Christmas flick — laughs, tears, and lots of genuine holiday cheer. It also features one of the most iconic performances by Edmund Gwenn as Kris Kringle. His portrayal of Santa Claus will warm your heart and make you believe in miracles.

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8. The Noel Diary

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The Noel Diary is a romantic movie with a happy ending. Christmas isn’t the main theme of this movie, although nobody can deny it has some magical atmosphere about it. Perhaps because of the snowy scenery, Christmas music, decorations, and heartwarming.

Justin Hartley plays a best-selling author who returns home just before Christmas because of his mother’s death. Among his mother’s things, he finds an old diary that gives him insight into his past and the past of a young woman who’s looking for answers about her birth mother. Together, they embark on an epic road trip that’ll not only answer their questions, but also make them fall in love.

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9. The Santa Clause

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If you ever found yourself wondering how Santa fits down those tiny chimneys, look no further than the ’90s classic The Santa Clause! It all starts with an accident that kills the original Santa and causes Scott Calvin (Tim Allen), a toy salesman, to unintentionally become the new Santa.

This fun Christmas film has themes of redemption and family, plus some light-hearted comedy. Spoiler alert: getting Santa into every home at Christmas has something to do with advanced physics!

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10. Something from Tiffany’s

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Something from Tiffany’s is a romantic comedy based on a book by Melisa Hill. Kendric Sampson plays Ethan, a guy who’s about to propose to his long-time girlfriend. But the ring he purchased at Tiffany’s got mixed up with the earrings a certain Rachel was supposed to get as a present from her boyfriend. Rachel meets with Ethan to exchange the goods and they immediately feel a connection and start questioning their existing relationships.

Christmas rom-coms like this one are packed with cliches, but sometimes we need a simple feel-good movie that goes with a cup of hot chocolate on an easy-going evening.

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11. Falling for Christmas

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What better time for Lindsey Lohan to return to the screen than the holiday season? In Falling for Christmas, she portrays a young and newly engaged heiress who suffers a skiing accident. She now has amnesia but a kind-hearted lodge owner, Jake Russel (Chord Overstreet), comes to the rescue.

If you can’t help yourself when it comes to rom-coms, you’re in for a treat. Falling for Christmas is whimsical but warm, just perfect for those lazy holiday days. The scenery is magical and simply draws you into the Christmas mood. The gifts sure came early with this Christmas movie on Netflix – it’s been out since early November.

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Watch Christmas Movies with Ghostie!

There you have it, the best Christmas movies to watch in 2022! Whether you’re looking for a heartwarming rom-com or something more classic to get you into the holiday spirit, these picks are sure to please. 

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Grab some popcorn, curl up on the couch, and get ready for a cozy night watching one of these great films.


What is the best Christmas movie of all time and where can I watch it?

Trying to decide what’s the “best” Christmas movie of all time is difficult, especially since there are so many great options. Start with the classic favorites like It’s a Wonderful Life. You can stream it on Amazon Prime Video. If that’s not what you’re looking for, Home Alone is sure to give you a hefty dose of Christmas charm. Stream it on Disney+ this year.

What are the top 5 best Christmas movies ever?

With nearly a century of great Christmas movies, you have so many wonderful stories to choose from. Some of the best ones are It’s a Wonderful Life, Home Alone, Die Hard, A Christmas Story Christmas, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. You can find all of them on the major streaming platforms and enjoy them with your family on up to 7 devices simultaneously with CyberGhost VPN. Plus you get a risk-free 45-day money-back guarantee.

What streaming service has the best Christmas movies?

With so many streaming services offering great Christmas movies like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney+, it’s hard to choose the best. Thankfully, each of these streaming services offers plenty of options, so you should be able to find a Christmas movie you’ll enjoy on any of them. 
Whether you’re looking for timeless classics, heartwarming family favorites, or romantic comedies, there’s no shortage of feel-good flicks!

Does CyberGhost VPN help you stream?

Yes, CyberGhost VPN helps you stream in a few different ways.  We have streaming-optimized servers for all the major streaming platforms to give you fast and stable connections for streaming, plus we provide unlimited bandwidth on our servers. We also give you a new IP and encrypt your traffic, so you can even unblock sites and platforms on restricted networks, like on campus or at work. 
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