How to Change Your League of Legends Region and Play on a Different Server (Updated 2023)

When you create a Riot Games account and download League of Legends, it’ll automatically assign you to a server in your region. Sometimes, though, you don’t enjoy the playstyle on that server, or you face lag issues. That’s why you may want to switch to a different server. You may also want to switch your region entirely because you want to play with friends abroad or you’re traveling to a different country.

Unfortunately, Riot kind of has other plans. It used to be easy to change your region on League of Legends, but now you have to resort to a couple of workarounds. Luckily, it still isn’t that hard! You can switch regions in LoL as much as you like, although that comes with a few downsides. Read on to see what you need to do to change your League of Legends region.

How to Play League of Legends in a Different Region in 5 Quick Steps

Use CyberGhost VPN while playing League of Legends and take your game to the next level:

  1. Subscribe to CyberGhost VPN. It’s fast and easy!
  2. Connect to a server in the region you want to switch to.
  3. Open the League of Legends Client and go to the store.
  4. Purchase 2600 RP then click on the “Account” icon in the top right corner.
  5. Choose the region you want to switch to and start playing League of Legends!

Riot’s New Accounts and Region Rules

Riot recently changed its accounts system and moved every League of Legends player account to the new Riot Games platform. Before that, you could create a new account to change your LoL region. You could even buy an account transfer. When Riot moved everyone’s accounts, it also removed the region selector from the login screen.

After tons of unhappy feedback from players, Riot reinstated that feature, at least for now. That said, removing this option in the first place was part of Riot’s long-term plans. They may revert it back again in the future.

Screenshot of League of Legends region select on the client app

Unfortunately, Valorant and Legends of Runeterra players are still stuck with the new region lock feature. The game automatically selects their region based on where they create their accounts. Unless you use a VPN while creating a new Riot account, Riot will force you to play in the shard the game assigns to you. Then, how do you know what region your account ties to? Read on to see how.

Riot Takes Over Garena Servers and Initiates SEA Region Transition

Riot made some major changes to its region system at the end of 2022 starting with a move to start self-publishing League of Legends in the South-East Asia (SEA) region. Players could start transitioning their Garena accounts on November 18 2022, and the Garena servers were still operational until early January 2023. During the transition, players could pay 1 Blue Essence to switch to the SEA region.

Unfortunately, this server migration also came with a range of issues, prompting Riot to end the account transfer process earlier than planned. This also seems to have caused issues for players who tried to transfer to different regions as some transferred to the SEA region by accident and then couldn’t transfer their accounts to any other region. The confusion, in part, seems to have been caused by the Blue Essence payment system.

Players might have gotten confused about the payment system, thinking they could use Blue Essence to switch to other regions, when it was only made available as a temporary way to help Garena players switch to the new SEA servers.

Is There One SEA Server?

No, Riot has kept the shards separate like it was when Garena published the game in the SEA region. This includes Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. If you want to make the switch from the Garena servers, you’ll need to redownload the game from the Riot website. If you’re in Vietnam, you’ll need to use the VNGGames website.

How to Check Your Server Region in LoL

You can easily check which region you’re assigned to. Just hover over your summoner icon on the LoL client app’s home page. It’ll display your region in the right-hand corner next to your summoner name.

Screenshot of League of Legends client app showing player name

How to Change Your Region on League of Legends

You have two options to change your League of Legends region, but both come with downsides. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy with Riot’s other games. Let’s see your options:

Option 1: Create a New Riot Account

The easiest way to change your region in League of Legends is to create a new account. It should only take about 5 minutes. After that, you can start playing with friends in a new region immediately. Make sure to choose the correct region, though. You can only choose once for free! Follow the steps below to create a new account.

Downside: Creating a new account means starting from scratch. You won’t be able to transfer any of your progress, skins, or RP to your new account. You’ll also lose your friends list.
Upside: You don’t have to shell out extra money to change your in-game region.

  1. Head to the Riot Games website and click on the Sign Up/Sign In icon in the top right-hand corner.
    Screenshot of the Riot Games website home page with League of Legends champions like Jayce, Kai'Sa, and Pyke in the background
  2. Fill in the required details and choose a password.
    Screenshot of the Riot Games new account creation window with a blue background featuring League of Legends characters like Jinx and Vi
  3. Open the League of Legends client app, click on the X button on the top-right corner, then click Sign Out.
    Screenshot of the exit window on the League of Legends client app
  4. Sign into your new account on the app and start playing LoL in the new region!

Option 2: Change Your Account Region for 2,600 RP

If you want to keep your account, you’ll have to spend RPs to change your region. Just follow the simple steps below to switch your current account to a new region.

Downside: This costs you RP each time you want to make the switch. You can’t earn RP in-game, so you’ll need around USD/EUR 20 each time. You’ll also lose your victory points, mission progress, honor level, ranked League placement, and Clash progress.
Upside: You get to keep your current skins and experience level.

  1. Click the store button on your home page in the League of Legends client app, then click Purchase RP.Screenshot of the League of Legends client app store page
  2. Select a purchase method and the amount of RP you want to buy.
    Tip: For an account transfer, you need 2600 RP.Screenshot of League of Legends client app with RP selected
  3. Enter your payment details and pay for the RP.Screenshot of League of Legends client app with the payment screen.
  4. Go back to the store page and click on the Account button (see red arrow in the screenshot below).
    Screenshot of League of Legends client app open on the store page
  5. Choose the LoL server region you want to transfer to.Screenshot of League of Legends client app with the region selector opened up

If you want to change your region in Valorant or Legends of Runeterra, you’ll need to use a VPN.

If you accidentally switched servers to a region you didn’t want to be in, you have two weeks from the last game you played in your original region to switch back. After that, you’ll have to pay another 2600 RP to switch to a region of your choice. You may have to use a payment method from the region you’re currently playing in to purchase the RP.

Which League of Legends Regions Can You Transfer To?

Every region has specific servers you can transfer to. Whether or not you can switch to a particular server depends on which region you’re coming from.

For example, you can’t switch directly to a Latin American server if your current region is Russia or Turkey. You have to transfer to a North American server before switching to Latin America. Unfortunately, that’ll cost you double the amount of RP.

Riot also only allows people living in South Korea and China to use servers in these countries. You have to provide documents proving you’re a citizen of the country to get access.

Here’s a list of Riot Games servers and the League of Legends regions you can switch to:

          • Brazil (BR): North America, Europe West, Europe Nordic and East, Oceania, Russia, Turkey, Latin America North, Latin America South, Oceania, and Japan.
          • Europe West (EUW): North America, Europe Nordic and East, Brazil, Oceania, Russia, Turkey, Latin America North, Latin America South, and Japan.
          • Europe Nordic and East (EUNE): North America, Europe West, Brazil, Oceania, Russia, Turkey, Latin America North, Latin America South, and Japan.
          • Japan (JP): North America, Europe West, Europe Nordic and East, Brazil, Oceania, Russia, Turkey, Latin America North, and Latin America South.
          • Latin America North (LAN): North America, Brazil, Latin America South, Europe West, Europe Nordic and East, and Japan.
          • Latin America South (LAS): North America, Brazil, Latin America North, Europe West, Europe Nordic and East, and Japan.
          • North America (NA): Europe West, Europe Nordic and East, Brazil, Oceania, Russia, Turkey, Latin America North, Latin America South, and Japan.
          • Oceania (OCE): North America, Europe West, Europe Nordic and East, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Latin America North, Latin America South, and Japan.
          • Russia (RU) or Turkey (TR): North America, Europe West, Europe Nordic and East, and Japan.

A VPN Makes Your League of Legends Game Even Better

A VPN can greatly improve your League of Legends experience. Not sure if you should invest? I’ll show you a few ways you can use a VPN to level up your game and make sure that super-important ultimate hits every time.

🎮 Improve Your Ping and Reduce Lag

Riot automatically selects which server you connect to when you start a new game: you have zero control over it. It selects these servers based on your region and its network setup. That may cause problems if the server is crowded or too far away.

Your ISP may also poorly route your connection. This cocktail only creates high ping and painful lag spikes.

When you connect to a VPN, your connection first travels to the VPN’s server. Riot will switch your game to a new server closer to the VPN server’s location. A VPN can force Riot to connect you to a different League of Legends server that works better for you. That can improve your ping and reduce latency.

Never miss a shot to lag again! Reach out to our 24/7 Customer Support for more information.

🎮 Dodge DDoS Attacks from Toxic Players

Unfortunately, some LoL players are super toxic. They can target you with many IP-based attacks. They can shoot you down with a DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Service), slowing your internet completely. Even worse, some salty players target you with swatting attacks. They’ll discover your home address and send the police to your house under false accusations.

A VPN protects you against these types of attacks. It hides your real IP address and replaces it with the VPN server’s address. Toxic players won’t be able to track down your actual IP address or your real location.

Camouflage your IP address with CyberGhost VPN. No True Sight will ever expose you, so you can game without worry.

🎮 Avoid Cyber Attacks Outside of Gaming

In this day and age, protecting your network from bad LoL players isn’t enough. Cybercriminals can target you any time, and your connection is vulnerable when you use tools like peer-to-peer sharing platforms.

CyberGhost VPN protects you from real-life thugs, too. We protect your connection with ultra-strong 256-bit AES encryption. It completely scrambles all your information, so no third party could ever read it. That prevents outsiders from latching onto your network.

Stay safe from cyber attacks with the most secure VPN for League of Legends.

🎮 Get a VPN with Fast Speeds

Some people avoid VPNs because they believe they’ll down their internet connection. Tunneling protocols and encryption may affect your speeds, but this shouldn’t slow things to a halt.

We believe a VPN shouldn’t one-shot your internet speed. At CyberGhost VPN, we’ve made sure to put gaming first with our gaming-optimized servers. Our 10Gbps servers are so fast, even Ekko won’t be able to keep up. You can also select the WireGuard® protocol for even faster speeds while gaming.

We always update our server infrastructure to ensure you always get the best connection speeds, no matter what you’re doing online.

🎮 Play League of Legends on Any Device

As an elite League of Legends player, you want your matches with you all the time. You should have the best VPN to let you gank enemies on your Windows PC or enjoy a quick game on the train with League of Legends: Wild Rift.

That’s why CyberGhost VPN has dedicated apps for every major platform. We support Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, so you can continue playing how you want. Our Smart DNS feature even allows you to connect on your console. You can add up to 7 devices simultaneously on one CyberGhost VPN account.

Don’t let the fun stop! Get the best VPN for League of Legends and continue your game anywhere. Subscribe to CyberGhost VPN today.

🎮 Get Better Deals

No matter what you like to shop for online, you might be overpaying depending on where you live. Some retailers even look at your browsing history (based on online trackers) to increase the price based on how much they think you’re willing to pay.

When you browse online with CyberGhost VPN, we’ll turn you into a digital ghost. That way, websites and retailers can’t track your online habits and profile you. You can also choose to connect to a server in a location where things are cheaper to get better local deals. That way, you can choose whatever price suits you best.

Get the most out of your online experience with CyberGhost VPN. Get all the perks of being a Ghostie today!

How to Set Up CyberGhost VPN on Your Devices

CyberGhost VPN has dedicated apps for most of your devices. Just sign up and download the app for your Windows, macOS, or Linux, as well as on your Android or iOS phone.

We also have a Smart DNS feature that lets you use CyberGhost with Xbox and PlayStation, as well as with Smart TVs. If you want all your devices covered in one go, just install CyberGhost VPN on your router.

Can You Get in Trouble for Changing Your Region?

Your account won’t be banned or flagged if you change your region. Riot knows that players want to change their region. They even give you the option to pay with RP to do that! Riot also states on its website that people can change their region by creating a new account and selecting a different region.

Disclaimer: It’s not against Riot Games’ Terms of Service (ToS) to use a VPN. That said, the ToS mentions your account may be suspended if Riot has stopped offering services in your region and then realize you’re still accessing their games.

Final Thoughts

While you can switch regions in League of Legends without a VPN, you can still benefit from using one. For example, you can force Riot to switch your game to better servers, reduce your ping and lag, and avoid cyberattacks from salty players.

A VPN is also essential if you’re playing Legends of Runeterra or Valorant. You’ll need to select a VPN server in the region you want to play in before creating your new Riot account. Try CyberGhost VPN risk-free with our 45-day money-back guarantee, which gives you plenty of time to see if it works for you.


Can I change my region in League of Legends for free?

The only way to change your region for free in LoL is to create a new account — otherwise, you need to pay 2600 RP to switch your current account. Follow the steps in this guide to switch League of Legends regions.
If you’re changing regions to avoid specific toxic players, you can use a VPN to connect to a different server in your current region. You can use this to avoid being targeted by swatters too. CyberGhost VPN has a worldwide network of servers, giving you the chance to play with friends from anywhere.

Is League of Legends region locked?

Yes, Riot locks your League of Legends account to the region you chose when you signed up. If you want to switch regions in LoL, you’ll have to create a new account in the region of your choice or switch regions in the game’s client. Both methods have downsides, so be sure to read carefully when you follow my tips on how to switch regions in LoL.

How do I change from NA to EU in League of Legends?

You’ll have to purchase RP and change your region in the “Account” tab on the League of Legends client to switch from NA to EU. Sometimes, Riot doesn’t allow changes from certain regions to others. Take a look at my guide to see which region swaps are allowed. Switching to a different region may impact your game, causing lag and high ping. 
You can connect to one of CyberGhost VPN’s gaming-optimized servers to see if it helps improve your latency. Our 10Gbps servers run laps around the competition — your lag will be a thing of the past.

What are the benefits of using a VPN with League of Legends?

Your ISP may choose a bad route to Riot’s LoL servers, causing high ping and latency. You can use CyberGhost VPN to reduce lag in LoL.

We’ll reroute your connection through a more direct path, reducing lag and latency. That’ll also change your IP address to protect you from IP-based attacks like swatting and DDoS. Get in touch with our 24/7 Customer Support team if you have any other questions.

What is the best VPN for online gaming?

CyberGhost VPN is the best gaming VPN! We have gaming-dedicated servers to offer incredibly fast speeds. We also support every major gaming device, including Windows and macOS PCs, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and Android and iOS smartphones.

You can use CyberGhost VPN with most online games, including League of Legends, Valorant, and Legends of Runeterra. Game on-the-go, wherever you are. CyberGhost VPN has you covered!

How do I change my Riot client region?

Riot is phasing out the option to change your Riot client region. The option is often offline as Riot makes changes to its systems. Instead, you can change your region in the League of Legends client, unless you decide to create a new Riot account and pick a different region from the start.

If you want to change your region in Legends of Runeterra or Valorant, you’ll need to use a VPN while creating the account. Try CyberGhost VPN using our generous 45-day money-back guarantee to see how well it works.

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I need to transfer my NA account to EUW, but I didn’t see the options in the account page


Riot temporarily disabled non-SEA transfers a few months ago due to an issue with the server migration. It’s possible there might be lasting issues that could be affecting your account. Your best bet would be to contact Riot’s support to log the issue with them. Hope you can sort it out soon!

Hello! I would like to transfer my account from EUNE to EUW but I can’t seem to find the option anymore. Do you know anything about it?


Riot temporarily disabled non-SEA transfers a few months ago due to an issue with the server migration. It’s possible there might be lasting issues that could be affecting your account. Your best bet would be to contact Riot’s support to log the issue with them. Hope you can sort it out soon!

i live in vietnam and i dont know why my riot account was transferred to russia server
how to tranfer my account to vietnam region


Hi hoang, if your account has been transferred by accident, you may be able to switch back to your old region free of charge if it’s within 2 weeks since the last game you played in your original region. If not, then you’ll have to follow the steps in this guide to switch to a new region, which involves purchasing RP and choosing a new region in the LoL client. If Riot switched your account without your consent, you’ll have to create a support ticket with Riot so they can help you sort it out. Good luck!

Hello it is currently 4/15/2023 I am stuck in the Vietnam region and do not have an option available to transfer to any other region, can I please get some help with this?


Hi Mahogany, unfortunately, Riot has been quoted saying once you’ve migrated your account to Southeast Asia, it will be region-locked, meaning you can’t transfer back to EU or NA servers. Some players were accidentally moved to the SEA region during the SEA migration and Riot has now suspended the move due to players experiencing issues. If using a VPN to get around the problem isn’t working for you, and you don’t want to create a new account, your only option is to create a support ticket with Riot and hope they can help you sort it out.

I transfer my lol account to OCE a couple months ago but I have the account transfers disable issue and have been unable to transfer it for a while. I dont even get the option to transfer it anymore, I’m more than willing to play to go back but I dont have the option. Is there anyway to be able to transfer back?


Hi Sebastian, unfortunately, Riot is currently having trouble with its servers due to the SEA migration and I’m not sure when things will be back to normal. Lots of people are having the same issue and the best you can do is to create a support ticket with Riot and hope they get back to you. If you really want to play in your old region right now, you may need to create a new account in that region and start from scratch. Keep in mind you’ll need to use a different email address for the new account.

Тhiѕ piece of ᴡriting is really a nice one it helps new internet peoplе, who aгe wishing in favor of blogging.


Thank you so much for the support, Veronique! We’re here to help if you have any questions about this topic or our service.

Hi I want to transfer my NA account into OCE, but the option given only in SEA, and I thought maybe I cost 1 blue essence to transfer in SEA region may help me to change into OCE, but clearly after I change into SEA region, the account section is noting left for my account to transfer. How can I transfer into OCE?


Hi Shihao, can you revert back to your NA account and try again from there? According to Riot’s FAQ, you should be able to transfer back within two weeks from the last game you played in your original region. If you can’t then you may need to try to transfer to OCE from the SEA region, which means you’ll have to buy RP to do the transfer. Riot temporarily allowed players to transfer to the SEA region using Blue Essence but has since suspended this due to an unexpected spike in account issues. It’s possible you may need to use an SEA region payment method to buy the RP. If you run into issues, please contact Riot support to help you out.

hi, can i know can i change my server (malaysia) to any server ,,, asian player are emo player,,, i cant handle it,, stuck on silver for a year cause of troller,, if i can change my server pleaese let me know ,,and how,, thanks and please help me <3


Hi Razin, Riot recently made some changes to the accounts system for the SEA region. Have you linked your Garena account to your Riot Games account yet? This guide can help:…%5De-of-Legends-Account-to-Riot-Games-Southeast-Asia
After that, you should be able to follow the steps in the guide above as normal to change your region. Just make sure the VPN is on at all times when you switch regions and while you’re playing, otherwise Riot will detect your IP address is from the wrong region which might cause problems.

Hi there I have purchased rp and still no servers are coming up for me to change to?


Hi Amy, are you not seeing the option to change regions at all? As in, do you not see any regions in your account tab? If that’s the case, it might be because you’re in a region that Riot doesn’t support for region switching. As you can see on its FAQ, Riot restricts region changes depending on your current region:
It’s also possible this option is just turned off entirely for all or most players at the moment. Riot suffered a cyber attack this week and may have switched off the region-switching feature right now.
If your problem persists, try reaching out to Riot support to see if they can help you with the issue.

hi Riot, i am in Europawest, and i have i account lol with server Vietnam, can i tranfer my account from vietnam to europa.
thanks for all


Hi duc hung le, you’ll need to follow the steps in the guide to switch regions for your Riot account. You can purchase a transfer in the official store, by clicking the account button, next to “Purchase RP”. It costs 2600 RP for a one-way transfer and you can select which region you wish to transfer to.

we can’t transfer back to my server now.


Hi Drick, could you elaborate a bit more on your situation? Are you trying to change your region back to one you previously played in? If so, you’ll need to follow the steps, including paying RP to switch again. Make sure your VPN server location is set correctly. If you’re still having trouble with this, I’d suggest you contact Riot Games and explain that you’re struggling to connect to your local server.

Hi I transfer my Na account to vietnam region with 1 Blue Essence, and how can i transfer my account back to Na


Hi Tuan,
You’ll need to follow the same process outlined above and pay again to change your account back to the Na region. Although as far as I know, you can only use RP to pay for a region change. Unfortunately, this is the only way to transfer your account between regions, unless you create a Na new account.

Hi i have same isssue with Tuan
under my account it only shows “summoner name change”
no region at all.
cant go back?

Hi Felix, it could be that region transfers are currently disabled – Riot sometimes does this for maintenance reasons. Or the feature is broken, which also happens sometimes. In that case, you’ll need to log a support ticket with Riot Games. If you’re still having trouble switching after finding the option, it might have to do with Riot’s region switch restrictions as can be seen on its FAQ:

William-Alexandre Migneault-Bouchard

Posted on 05/01/2023 at 00:52

I tried with prepaid turkey card with brand news account lvl 30 smurf and it dosent work with this vpn because i am region restricted.


Hi William, did you turn the VPN on and switch to a server in Turkey when you created the new account? If not, it won’t work. You’ll also have to turn the VPN on before you start up the game’s client. Make sure to follow the steps in the guide exactly, or you might encounter issues. If this is still not working for you, please reach out to our customer service who may be able to assist you. They’re available 24/7 via email or chat.

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