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Data is the new gold in our privacy-invading and tracker-exploitative digital age. We’ve seen online services that hide behind shady privacy policies and “free” products that mishandle your private information. We’ve seen companies selling data to marketers, government agencies, and other malicious parties for profit. We’ve seen these practices used to influence, categorize, and manipulate you.

But we chose to operate differently at CyberGhost VPN. You are not a product, and you should not be treated as such. A VPN service can be your ally in the fight against online surveillance. But you should know that not all VPNs are created equal.

CyberGhost VPN offers complete digital security

Your Data is in High Demand

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Your Satisfaction is Our Mission at CyberGhost VPN

In 2011, we embarked on a mission to build a tool that offers anonymity and privacy online. And we’ve always strived to give you nothing but the best. Because protecting your privacy, expanding your freedom, and increasing your safety on the Internet is our reason for being.

We don’t expect you to trust us blindly, and we like to let our VPN speak for itself. That’s why we have always offered a free trial, even if this is now a dying practice.

And because we want to make sure our Ghosties are always 100% satisfied with our service, we’ve ditched the standard 30-day refund period. We have a 45-day money-back guarantee in place, to give you enough time to test the apps and see if they’re right for you.

We Provide Top-Notch VPN Security

Here at CyberGhost VPN, we always strive to offer our community of over 38 million users friendly apps, safe VPN connections, and reliable service.

Here’s how we compare to some other important players in the VPN market:

No-logs policy
Dedicated streaming servers
Wi-Fi protection
Number of servers8000+1,300-5,600
Simultaneous connections75-10
Money-back guarantee45 days7-31 days

Also, we have a cute Ghostie mascot.

We’re all here at CyberGhost, brought together by our love for cybersecurity, united under a common credo: as long you’re online, your privacy should be uncompromised.

CyberGhost VPN Ghostie does chemistry

In 2022, we invited Deloitte to run a third-party audit of CyberGhost’s No Logs policy.

Deloitte, an independent auditing firm, inspected our VPN server network and management systems and found that CyberGhost VPN does not store or share any user information. (The full report is available to all customers and can be found here.)

This includes user and destination IP addresses, browsing history, amount of data transferred, VPN servers used, DNS queries, and files downloaded.

We don’t log anything related to your VPN session either, including the software used, connection date, or duration.

CyberGhost VPN provides protection when connecting to any network

No Logs Policy Reviewed By Independent Audit

CyberGhost VPN is transparent

Transparency is in Our Nature

Using VPN software is a great way to protect your data online. But it’s crucial to know whether your VPN provider keeps tabs on you.

We have always been open and honest with our Ghosties. And back in 2011, we took it a step further. That’s when we reached a milestone: being the first company in the VPN industry ever to publish a Transparency Report.

Since then, we’ve made a tradition out of publishing our Transparency Reports. To us, it’s vital to give our community a chance to see how we are safeguarding their data. That’s why in 2018 we began including more details in our reports, such as key statistics about our infrastructure.

Everyone can check the number of DMCA complaints, malware activity flags, and police requests we get. But thanks to our strict No Logs policy, we never have any data on our users to share with the authorities. Plus, we’re based in Romania. Here we are under no legal obligation to store customer data.

It’s true; being transparent about your organization is not by far a common practice in the VPN industry. But hiding behind a faceless company and a shady registration address is not our style.

This is why we’ve never hidden who we are. We’re real people, with likes, dislikes and pet peeves, working together united by our love for cybersecurity. Automated chatbots? Outsourced web developers? Third-party infrastructure team?

This is us, the CyberGhost VPN team. Make sure also to check out our CyberGhost Instagram account, where you can catch glimpses of our Bucharest office.

CyberGhost VPN provides protection when connecting to any network

It’s Us, the Ghostie Team

CyberGhost VPN unlocks websites

We Stand for Worldwide Internet Freedom

Freedom of speech is what helped civilizations grow, mature, and innovate. And a free and open internet could only enhance the flow of information. But the dream of a borderless internet seems long forgotten.

Online censorship and surveillance are rampant. Browsing activity and private data are monitored and stored on a daily basis. And while such information could be leveraged against anyone, in lesser democratic countries, this scenario seems even direr.

It’s now more important than ever to protect privacy activists and freedom fighters. So we offer our service for free to organizations and journalists that support privacy as a human right and fight for the open internet. It’s an honor to strengthen their security and digital anonymity.

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With a first-class fleet of servers in 100 countries, we give you blazing fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth. No more buffering, throttling from your Internet Service Provider or proxy errors with our VPN connection!

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