Our team is dedicated to making sure your right to online privacy is respected. We've been protecting the free internet for over 7 years and we've stayed true to our mission since day one!

We’re here to help you fight against mass-surveillance and censorship in non-democratic countries and beyond.

Do you represent an NGO or association that supports civil rights and freedom of speech?

We offer our service for free to journalists, NGO representatives and other organizations that actively fight for a free and secure internet.

Strengthen your online security and anonymity, so you can safely share your message with the world!

Net Neutrality rally in Philadelphia (January 13,2018)

At CyberGhost, we stand for internet freedom worldwide!

We provide trusted tools to support freedom of speech, access to a censorship-free Internet, and the chance to reach information sources unrestrained.

"We believe in privacy as a basic human right. The internet was created as an environment where everybody could express their opinion and have unrestricted access to information while remaining anonymous. And we believe it should stay that way!"

Robert Knapp
CyberGhost Co-founder and Chairman of the Board

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