How to Get a Canada IP Address in 3 Steps (Works in 2024)

If you’re a Canadian traveling or living abroad, getting a Canadian IP address should be a top priority. You’ll need a Canadian IP address to access your banking, and catch your favorite Canada-exclusive TV shows and sporting events.

Even if you aren’t Canadian, it’s a good idea to have a Canadian IP address. You can use it to access Canadian streaming libraries and get faster speeds if your ISP (Internet service provider) is throttling you.

The best way to get a Canadian IP address is through a VPN. Keep reading to make sure you don’t miss any Canada-exclusive content.

How to Get a Canadian IP in 3 Steps

Get CyberGhost VPN on your device in 3 easy steps and watch your favorite Canadian shows back to back:

  1. Subscribe to CyberGhost VPN. It’s fast & easy!
  2. Download and install the app on any device.
  3. Select a Canada server and start surfing safely!

When you connect to a VPN on your device, you’ll route your traffic through one of its servers. CyberGhost VPN has a private server network of 116 server locations spread across 91 countries. We encrypt your data and give you an IP address from the country’s server of your choosing.

Why Should You Use a VPN to Get a Canada IP?

Access Canadian Websites

International travel is stressful enough without worrying about losing access to your favorite websites. You’ll need a VPN from Canada to regain access to online banking, local news, shopping, and more.

You can route your traffic through a Canadian server with CyberGhost VPN and get a Canadian IP address. Your favorite websites will think you’re in Canada with just one click!

Access your banking from anywhere in the world, and don’t worry about missing your favorite local TV shows while traveling. No matter where you are, CyberGhost VPN keeps you connected.

Unblock Local Networks

Many local schools, workplaces, and public networks block content. What a pain! It’s even worse if you’re traveling and relying on public Wi-Fi to access Canada-exclusive content.

Local networks block your access based on your IP address. Download CyberGhost VPN and disguise your traffic. Local networks won’t know what you’re doing and can’t block you. Problem solved!

Unblock streaming platforms, websites, and video games to experience the freedom of unrestricted internet access.

Defeat ISP Throttling

Ever notice your internet connection slowing down for no reason? Some ISPs slow down your connection during peak hours. This is called ISP throttling.

Don’t let your ISP control what you do online. Get CyberGhost VPN and encrypt your data. Once the VPN conceals your traffic, your ISP won’t be able to throttle you based on your activities.

CyberGhost VPN gives you the speeds you need for a smooth online experience. No matter if you’re defeating your enemies in a game or marathoning your favorite sitcom.

Stay Safe on Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is convenient, but also a cybercriminal’s playground. They’ll use public Wi-Fi to steal your information or launch cyberattacks against you.

Disguising your identity with CyberGhost VPN is the best way to stay safe on public Wi-Fi. A VPN server encrypts your data and safeguards you from network attacks, turning you into a digital ghost with full armor.

Cybercriminals can’t access your data if you route it through a CyberGhost VPN server. You’ll regain your peace of mind while using public Wi-Fi.

What Do You Get When You Install CyberGhost

Worldwide Server Network

If you’re an avid traveler, you’ll need a VPN to match your wanderlust. Don’t settle for one that skimps out on its network.

CyberGhost VPN has a massive network of servers in 90+ countries, including 10 Gbps servers in Canada giving you many IP addresses to pick from. If a server is running slowly because it has too many users, just switch to another one!

No matter where you are, you’ll find a server in the country you need with CyberGhost VPN.

Unlimited Streaming Services

Streaming services only show you content available in your current location. If you’re in a different country, you’ll lose access to your favorite local shows. What a nightmare! To regain access, you’ll need a VPN from Canada.

Connect to a CyberGhost VPN server to get a Canada IP address. This way you’ll regain access to your local libraries on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max, and others.

Better yet, we’ve got streaming-optimized servers. We’ve made sure they can deliver full HD quality content without buffering.

Ultimate Digital Privacy

It’s hard to achieve anonymity on the internet. Websites sell your data to third parties for profit, and cybercriminals attempt to steal your identity for fraud. Even free VPNs won’t protect your privacy.

We’ve designed CyberGhost VPN with improved online privacy. For one, we have a strict No-Logs policy. We’ll never record what you do when connected to a server. We also hide your personal information from malicious third parties and encrypt your data.

Get CyberGhost VPN to safeguard your privacy and surf the web worry-free.

Protect 7 Devices simultaneously

With CyberGhost, you can download and use a VPN on 7 different devices simultaneously. You can have mom, dad, siblings, and your dog streaming, and you won’t feel your connection budge!

Worried about CyberGhost VPN’s compatibility with OS? We have dedicated apps for all major platforms, including Android, macOS, iOS, Windows, or Linux. Simply subscribe to CyberGhost VPN and get a Canadian IP address for your devices.

One CyberGhost VPN subscription is enough to protect all of your devices. Install it on your router and forget about it!

Lightning-Fast Speeds

Starting a movie marathon only to have buffering ruin your night is the worst! Slow speeds and low quality always kill the movie night mood.

We’re constantly improving CyberGhost VPN’s infrastructure and protocols, which means you get fast speeds and stable connections. Connect to a Canadian IP address and catch all your favorite shows in full HD quality without buffering.

CyberGhost VPN also has no bandwidth limit. Download CyberGhost VPN and watch as much as you want, wherever you want.

Military-Grade Encryption

You never know who’s watching you use the internet. The only way to safeguard your online privacy is to use strong encryption.

Connecting to a CyberGhost VPN server encrypts your data making you unreadable to third parties. Our AES-256 encryption is so strong that cybercriminals would need millions of years to break it!

Your data stays yours. Whether it’s banking information or just your social media passwords, you never have to worry about it getting stolen. Just connect to an IP address from Canada and access your information with a clear conscience.


Can I use a Canadian IP address on my phone?

Yes, you can! Download CyberGhost VPN on your phone to change your smartphone’s IP address.

The CyberGhost app works on both iOS and Android devices, meaning you can access your favorite Canadian content from your mobile device. Reach out to our 24/7 customer support team if you have questions about setting up CyberGhost VPN on your phone.

Can I get an IP address from a specific city in Canada?

Absolutely! CyberGhost VPN has three server locations in Canada, located in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. You’ll have many options to get a Canadian IP address. Check out our list of servers to see them all.

Will a Canadian IP address hide my internet activity from my ISP?

Yes, a Canadian IP address will hide your activity from your ISP. When you connect to a CyberGhost server, your data gets encrypted, and this keeps your online safe from your ISP. Take us for a test drive and hide your data with our 45-day money-back guarantee.

Is it okay to use a free VPN to get a Canada IP address?

No, it’s a bad idea.

At best, a free VPN won’t have all the servers you need. They will also sell your data to third parties. At worst, free VPNs have poor protection, leaving you as prey to cybercriminals.

Get CyberGhost VPN instead, and you’ll have all the perks of a Canadian IP address with the peace of mind that comes with improved online protection.

Can I use a proxy to get a Canada IP address?

Yes, you can, but expect drawbacks. Proxies can be tricky to set up, and they’re just as vulnerable to cybercriminals as a free VPN.

On the other hand, CyberGhost VPN lets you connect to a server in one click. It also encrypts your data and protects you from network attacks, keeping you safe when using a Canadian IP address.

Can I watch Netflix with a Canada IP address?

Yes! You can access Netflix Canada with a Canadian IP address. You can also unblock Netflix if your work or school network restricts it. Use CyberGhost as your streaming VPN and access top streaming services including HBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and many more.

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