CyberGhost VPN Announces Revamped Split-tunneling Feature for Android

We’re happy to announce our latest Android app has a newer, more user-friendly split-tunneling design. We heard your feedback and made it easier to have an overview of which apps are excluded from the VPN tunnel.

The new user interface (UI) goes beyond the simple tick box we had previously. Now, you’ll see two sections: one highlighting apps that bypass the VPN tunnel and one showing all your apps.

This new design makes it easier to keep track of the traffic you choose to protect, and better manage your split-tunneling settings. To exclude apps from the VPN tunnel, simply scroll down and tick the box next to the app’s icons.

Giving You More Control

Split tunneling is a game-changer for many. This feature allows you to select which apps go through the VPN connection and which connect directly to the internet. Rerouting your traffic through an encrypted VPN tunnel is a great way to protect your digital identity, but keep in mind that sometimes this encrypted connection may not be the best choice. Certain apps and services, like banking apps, have strong security settings, and masking your IP with a VPN can easily trigger false suspicious sign-in attempts. 

However, split tunneling has many benefits. While traveling abroad, you can access content from back home on specific apps through CyberGhost VPN, while using other apps to browse local content directly. If you have a bandwidth cap, excluding your non-sensitive activities from the resource-intensive encrypted tunnel can help you better manage your data.

No matter your needs, our redesigned split-tunneling feature ensures that you can seamlessly customize your connection, anywhere and anytime.

More Updates to Come

We’re not stopping with Android! We know how important flexibility and control are to your VPN experience. That’s why our team is diligently working to bring the revamped split-tunneling feature to our Windows app soon. 

Stay tuned for future updates! 

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