Preventing online fraud with IPQualityScore

We talked with Dennis Weiss, Founder and CEO of IPQualityScore, a company that provides fraud fighting tools, and works with businesses of all sizes and industries to stop the usage of fake accounts and bots for wrong purposes.

Check out our conversation with Dennis Weiss below!

Please tell us in a few words the main solutions your company offers.

IPQualityScore offers businesses of all sizes real-time fraud solutions designed for bot detection and screening users to prevent fake accounts, chargebacks, & malicious users without interrupting the user experience. IPQualityScore owns and operates the largest cyber threat

Network, and nurtures healthy partnerships with many Fortune 500 companies like Twitter, Ebay, WellsFargo, and more generating over 1B new threat reports each day & leading the industry in accuracy and performance.

Easily integrate IPQS robust VPN/Proxy Detection,Device Fingerprinting, Email and Phone Validation, User/Payment Scoring APIs to proactively prevent fraud for less headaches and smoother operations.

How would you explain to a common web user why online bots can be potentially dangerous threats?

Cybercriminals, fraudsters and even competitors can use bots to do their evil bidding. Malicious bots can carry out specific actions such as generating duplicate accounts, engaging in user generated content SPAM, creating fraudulent transactions, or breaking into existing user accounts.

Bots and non-human traffic are even responsible for billions of dollars per year in advertisement & click fraud. Bot Detection sounds complicated, but IPQS has made it just another challenge easily solved with our anti-fraud tools.

Is the email address verification or spam trap service like a security layer that prevents phishing attacks?

While our Email Address Verification and spam trap detection heightens security against low quality users, other abuse, and protects your Email’s sender score; our Malicious URL Scanner is the perfect solution for preventing phishing attacks.

IPQualityScore Users can scan URLs for malware to detect poor reputation domains, suspicious links, and phishing URLs with a real-time API that can be integrated directly into their site, SOAR, or other third party software. With IPQS users can detect zero-day phishing links and newly setup domains, even before other services have had a chance to analyze the URL.

How can you develop a cybersecurity product that has to tackle so many needs and also organizations from different industries, sizes, concerns…?

Simple through our deep understanding, complex research, and sophisticated algorithms maintained by our internal security teams which consist of former NSA agents. IPQualityScore’s research and analysis never stops, we are always up to date on the most sophisticated trends and update our network and tools for optimal detection at all times.

IPQualityScore not only offers API endpoints for proactive protection with and integration but also offers a bulk .csv upload feature for smaller, retrospective operations and an advanced user portal for reports, custom scoring setting adjustments and more.

IPQS users can also choose from a variety of premium blacklists to supplement their analysis, each providing increased accuracy for the response data. For example, IPQS Dark Data improves fraud & risk score accuracy for our Phone Validation, Email Validation, IP Reputation tools & enhances all lookups with greater detection/accuracy on stolen or leaked user data, compromised IPs, and more.

What can you tell us about the project called IPQS Threat Network?

IPQualityScore not only owns and operates the world’s largest cyber threat honeypot network to date generating over 1 billion new threat reports each day, but IPQS also serves threat intelligence feeds directly to Fortune 500s and the internet’s largest financial institutions, ad networks, payment processors, and leading brands in rideshare, dating, gaming, travel and more.

Many of our clients also feed threat data back into our ecosystem, allowing IPQS to detect new threats faster than any other service.

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