The Ultimate List of Niche Dating Apps — Meet Vegans, Geeks, Dog Lovers, and Gym Rats

Looking for The One? Or maybe just someone who’s actually into what you’re into? If you’re sick of trawling through dating apps without any success, you’re in the right spot. Take a break from generic dating apps and switch to niche dating sites. Niche apps are way more efficient when it comes to finding that special someone.

We all know generic dating apps aren’t exactly ideal when it comes to nailing down a soulmate (or even a date). They’re cluttered with millions of fake profiles, or people who don’t fit your personality and interests. Also, Statista shows a massive gender disparity on Tinder in the US. Nearly 76% of users are male, which doesn’t sound like a formula for success. 

Niche dating apps help eliminate scam dating profiles and offer you connections with like-minded people — and people you might actually like. They give you a better chance at finding someone who strikes all the right chords without wasting so much effort along the way. 

Ready to try something new? Here’s my ultimate list of niche dating apps to help you find what (or who) you’re looking for.

Should You Be Using a Dating App or Site?

If you’re single and ready to mingle, why not give a dating app or site a try? You never know what kind of awesome person you might meet! Plus, it’s a lot easier than going out to bars and clubs every weekend just hoping to bump into someone special.

That said, online dating has its pros and cons. It’s far from a guaranteed way of finding love, but it could be the ideal way for YOU. Here’s the best and the worst of using a dating app.


  1. You can connect with someone from anywhere in the world. Broadening your horizons can be exciting!
  2. You can rule people out without going on those awkward first dates.
  3. You get to make a great first impression with a witty bio and a few carefully chosen pictures.
  4. You can find someone who shares your interests and values. You don’t have to depend on random luck.
  5. You’ll never have to worry about running out of things to talk about. You have more time and opportunities to think about interesting topics than when you’re face-to-face with someone.
  6. Being rejected online may not sting as much as getting rejected in person.
  7. You can potentially meet your soulmate and get to know them from the comfort of your couch.


  1. You never know if the person you’re talking to is being truthful.
  2. It can be hard to break the ice and get the conversation flowing, but this also applies to any form of dating.
  3. You can’t tell if there’s chemistry until you meet in person.
  4. You may find yourself wasting a lot of time talking to people who aren’t a good match.
  5. You can become addicted to endless swiping.

Dating apps are usually safer and less stressful than other ways of meeting people. They also let you meet way more potential matches in less time. However, not all dating apps are equally effective.

How Are Niche Dating Apps Different?

gif with a woman saying "I'm into moustaches"
Into facial hair? There’s a niche dating app for you

Niche apps instantly stand apart from traditional dating apps because they address a specific audience. For example, Tinder’s tagline is “Dating New People” (traditional), while Lefty’s is “Dating for Liberals” (niche). Odds are you’re not going to hop on an app to date liberals if you can’t stand left-leaning political views. These categorically defined apps increase your chances of finding someone who’s likely to be a great long-term match. That beats swiping through a never-ending cycle of superficial encounters on Tinder.

Niche dating apps use algorithms and data to match you with people who have common interests and qualities. They provide more specialized search options and detailed profile questions to help you connect with someone who matches your values, lifestyle, beliefs, and goals. This allows you to connect on a much deeper level than a simple swipe on Tinder does.

Niche applications also often provide an atmosphere that helps create meaningful relationships. This can reduce expectations from casual flings, or simply be great for finding something different like new friends or an activity partner for sports or hobbies. Overall, specialized platforms are often a safer and more mature environment.

The Best Niche Dating Apps

Ready to take your online dating game up a notch? Let me introduce you to the best niche dating apps. Whether you’re looking for someone who shares your love of dogs, a special someone in uniform, or a fitness fanatic, I found an app for you.

1. Meetmindful

If you’re sick of settling for a life that’s less than awesome then this is the right place! This website is loaded with mindful, healthy individuals who’re all about living their best lives and building rock-solid relationship foundations. Dive in and find someone to join you on the path to better.

Screenshot of a profile on Meetmindful
Find and message someone who’s looking for the same things in life

2. Tastebuds

Instead of stressing over finding common interests, Tastebuds connects you through your tastes in music. It’s an easy and fun way to meet someone new — all while rocking out in your living room or on your lunch break. Plus, the intuitive interface makes it a breeze to use.

3. Feeld

Looking for love with a twist? Feeld is a dating app made especially for those who think outside the box! Whether you’re into swinging sessions or open relationships, there’re plenty of like-minded people here. Curious about exploring alternatives such as non-monogamy or polyamory? No problemo — just hop on this unique app and start having all types of adventures in your love life!

Screenshot of a profile on Feeld
Let go of your inhibitions and try something new and exciting

4. Loosid

Fed up with waking up in a haze the morning after a date? Check out Loosid, the perfect sober-friendly dating app. It’ll help you stay on track with clean-living and find that special someone who shares your commitment to staying clean! Connect with like-minded people and have a unique bond even before going on those first few dates.

5. S’more

Forget those superficial dating apps like Tinder and get the S’More app instead. You see an icon and someone’s interests before you even see their profile photo. That way you can connect based on qualities other than appearance first. After you express interest in someone, their profile photos slowly unfold over time. No more rushed swiping decisions — you get back-and-forth interactions that’re sure to make sparks fly!

Screenshot of a profile page on S'more
Discover your future partner one step at a time

6. Veggly

Looking for love but don’t want to compromise on your vegan lifestyle? Veggly has the answer! This niche dating app helps you connect with fellow vegetarians and vegans, so all those awkward questions about food can be left out.

7. Teamup

Share your fitness passion with another gym-junkie! Teamup is the perfect way to connect with other fitness fanatics, work out, inspire each other, and find a soulmate. Also, this app isn’t just for finding a relationship. You can also use it to find a like-minded gym buddy and make your fitness journey more enjoyable.

Screenshot of a profile page on Teamup
Go on a date while working out or find a new gym bro!

8. NUiT

Looking for love in all the astrological places? Get starstruck with NUiT! This app has all the birth charts and tools you need to find your dream date. With its awesome content plus loads of choices that’ll make even Cupid jealous, you’ll soon find your romantic fate.

9. Bristlr

Attention all hipsters and ‘lumbersexuals’: Bristlr is here to help! This nifty dating app connects the ladies who love a beard with guys that have one, creating a unique space for everyone who sees beards as make or break in love. From glossy goatees to full-on mountaineering scruff, this niche dating app has you covered.

Screenshot of a profile page on Bristlr
Meet the coolest beard that goes with your motorcycle

10. Stir

Dating is different when you’re a single dad or mom, and Stir connects you with people who get it. Stop worrying about the dating blues or explaining your limited schedule to someone. Stir makes it easy for any lone parent out there by only connecting you with other single parents. 

11. TapDat

TapDat is the place to be if you’re not looking for a relationship and commitment. This app lets you be honest about what you want, and find others who’ll do the same. You can create new friendships and explore exciting opportunities to meet up with interesting people in your area — no strings attached. If you’re looking for something without the pretense of traditional dating apps, give it a try!

Screenshot of multiple profiles on TapDat
Have some fun without committing to a relationship

12. Dig

Believe it or not you can now find someone purely based on your shared love for pets. Dig is the perfect way to connect with other dog lovers. Find your pawsome significant other by joining a community of like-minded people and think about all those sloppy kisses waiting for you out there!

13. Silver Singles

If you’re over 50 and eager to hit the dating scene with people closer to your stage in life, Silver Singles is tailored just for you. This app provides an array of specialized tools including a personality test to help jumpstart your love life. It’s never too late to find romance!

Screenshot of a profile page on Silver Singles
Meet your silver date and jumpstart a new life

14. Dine

Finding love with a dating app can be difficult, but Dine is shaking things up with their restaurant-focused approach to matching. Connect to your potential partner based on the food preferences you share. After all, the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach! Dine makes it easy to plan a fun first date that caters directly to both of you.

15. BBW Admire

If you’re a full-figured woman or a fan of them, BBW Admire is the perfect spot to find love. This app offers an easy way for curvy ladies and their admirers to explore their dating options — and all with confidence! The platform’s strict user vetting process means you can enjoy your time connecting with the right person worry-free, sure that everyone involved shares mutual interests.

Screenshot of a profile page on BBW Admire
Meet interesting ladies who are curvy in all the right places

16. Kinkoo

If you’re looking to add a little spice to your dating life, then this app will help you find the right partner. With a range of kinky-minded singles on offer, it’s easy to narrow down potential dates who share your interests. That saves you the time and uncertainty of wading through countless mismatches. Kinkoo will help you avoid people who might be turned off by your particular kinks.

17. Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle is the ideal platform for devout believers to find love and companionship. Everyone undergoes comprehensive background checks, so you can be confident you’re connecting with like-minded individuals who want a spiritual connection in their relationship. Make your faith an integral part of romance and explore this exciting dating option.

Screenshot of a profile match on Christian Mingle
Find the spiritual connection your soul craves

18. Trek Passions

Are you a science fiction enthusiast looking for someone that shares your love of starships and phasers? Trek Passions lets you find that special someone who’s into space exploration and time travel just as much as you are. Open up conversations about your favorite fantasy worlds and galaxies, and who knows, you might find your Klingon soul mate.

19. Uniform Dating

Looking for love in the uniformed ranks? Look no further than Uniform Dating! This dating site puts you in touch with singles who live their life by the uniform and the ideals it represents, or who want to date someone who does. Enjoy user-friendly features that make it simple to connect — no matter your profession or location.

Screenshot of multiple profiles on Uniform Dating
Meet the perfect person behind the uniform

20. Zoe

The Zoe app offers queer women the chance to find a special connection, and has similar features to Tinder. It’s been successful over time thanks to its special focus on bringing together members of this community. Zoe’s an enjoyable way for lesbians to meet local women anywhere without worrying about awkward situations.

21. The League

If other dating apps just won’t cut it, or if you’re a member of the billionaire club, maybe you’re made to join The League. It’s a dating app designed for elite singles who’re successful, ambitious, and highly educated. In essence, it’s meant to build power couples. If you’re looking for the right partner to take over the world with, The League might be the right place to start.

Screenshot of a profile on The League
Find someone who is as overly ambitious as you are

22. Raya

Raya is an exclusive app where celebrities and creatives hang out, so you can imagine it’s not easy to get a membership. Raya is invite-only. You’ll have to spend a lot of time on a waitlist before you can date Zac Efron, unless you already know a member. It’s worth a shot! 

Good Alternatives to Dating Apps

Dating apps are great, but you can also use other methods to find the right person for you. For instance, if you’re an old-fashioned extrovert you can go out to bars and clubs. You don’t have to worry about filling out profiles or swiping through hundreds of profiles. Plus, you often get a better sense of someone’s personality and interests when you meet them in person.

Another alternative is joining a local sports team or hobby club. You’ll get to be part of a group, bonding with like-minded folks interested in the activity you enjoy. It’s an awesome way to make some strong connections, even if it doesn’t ultimately lead to love.

The local scene is an easy way to start looking for your person. Show up for local events and try volunteering. Sometimes it’s easier to get to know a person without the dating pressure. That said, no matter how you choose to meet people, you should take some safety precautions to avoid unpleasant experiences.

How to Stay Safe while Dating: Best Practices

Dating should be fun, but don’t let the excitement distract you from protecting yourself online and in person. Stay safe while dating with simple steps like these:

  1. Don’t immediately go on a date with someone completely unknown. Talk with them for a while before arranging a one-on-one meeting.
  2. Make sure you only meet in public places like restaurants and cafes.
  3. Tell your friends who you’re going out with and where you’ll be. You can even share your live location with them throughout the date.
  4. Pre-plan your route home.
  5. Avoid leaving your drink unattended.
  6. Think of what to do if something feels wrong, and make sure you can contact someone if you need to.

Consider getting VPN protection as part of your safer online dating strategy. Most dating websites and social media channels connected to them will collect your personal information. Use CyberGhost VPN to limit data collection and stay safe while searching for your soul mate.

Apply the same dating precautions whether you’ve met someone online or offline. Most of all, listen to your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Enjoy yourself and stay safe!

End Your Dating Slump with Niche Dating Apps

If the thought of browsing through an endless array of profiles on Tinder makes your heart sink, it might be time to change things up. Why not go after quality over quantity on a specialized dating site?

Niche dating apps have a lot to offer. Your date won’t be just a swipe right or left, but someone who values your lifestyle choices, religious beliefs, dating goals, pet preferences, or body type (and more).

Although some of these options might seem a bit weird at first, matching with someone who shares your interests and passions increases your chances of finding the right person. Just don’t forget to use CyberGhost VPN to protect your data, because dating apps aren’t safe from hungry data collectors. Now get out there and try one of these unorthodox sites to score a date or find the love of your life!


What are some of the best niche dating sites?

Since niche dating sites make it easier to find someone with similar interests they’ve become a really popular option. There are a lot of really good ones out there, and the best niche dating site for you depends on your lifestyle. 

Check out the one that matches your priorities best. For example, meet a fitness enthusiast on Teamup, date a bearded lumberjack on Bristlr, or share your favorite music with someone on Tastebuds. Just watch out for dating scams and take some precautionary measures before you meet up with someone.

What’s the most fun dating app or site?

The most fun dating app depends on your interests. For example, S’more is fun because you start getting to know someone based on their interests instead of appearance. Profile images slowly appear as you get to know them, so you’re both more likely to invest time into getting to know each other. 

Dine is also a fun dating app, because who doesn’t like food? Now you can meet a special someone who shares your food preferences and try a new restaurant together. Connect to CyberGhost VPN on any device and securely start your new dating journey.

What is the safest dating app?

No online app or site is 100% safe. Still, you have a few ways to increase your safety when you use dating apps. Talk to your match to get to know them a little better before meeting them. Meet only in public places with a lot of people around you, and don’t forget to tell your friends or family where you’re going.

You can also take steps to increase your digital privacy and security to make using these apps safer. Dating apps collect and store your information, and they also link up with your social media profiles. When you use a premium VPN to protect your digital privacy, you mask your IP and minimize how much of your online activity third parties can see.

What dating apps do billionaires use?

The League dating app caters to the elite, so billionaires and celebrities often use it. If you think you have what it takes to form a power couple, you can become a member of the League as well. Just remember to protect your digital identity with a VPN to keep your information secure from all prying eyes. If you need help setting it up, CyberGhost VPN has a 24/7 live Customer Support team to help.

What’s the best hookup app?

TapDat is a niche hook-up app for straightforward and spontaneous connections. You gain access to a sex-positive community of people looking for the same thing, so you won’t have any unpleasant surprises. It’s even free so it won’t cost you anything to try it out. As always, follow safe dating practices, and consider using a VPN to protect your privacy online.

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