11 Best Tech Podcasts for Beginners

Technology has made its way into every part of our lives. We now have IoT-enabled devices involved in most of our daily tasks. We use tech in our communication, socialization, education, health, transportation, entertainment, and more. 

The global tech industry is worth over 5 trillion dollars, and at least 85% of Americans across all ages use smartphones. It’s safe to say technology is here to stay, and you can’t afford to miss the latest tech trends in this highly dynamic space.

Podcasts are an ideal way to keep up. You can listen to a podcast anytime, anywhere to catch up on tech developments that can help you solve problems and improve all aspects of your life. 

We’ve picked the 11 best tech podcasts from among the growing selection with beginners in mind. We’ll discuss their topics, content quality, traffic ranking, and presentation style, so you can decide where you want to start your listening journey. 

Why Should You Listen to Tech Podcasts?

When we use it the right way, technology can simplify our lives. Being knowledgeable in tech gives us useful insights or even revolutionary techniques to bolster our efficiency in our work and personal lives. To that end, you need a simple way to stay up-to-date with new tech trends: podcasts. 

Your main interests might be business improvements, secure financial transactions, protecting your kids online, or keeping newly emerging cyber threats at bay. A well-designed podcast gives you the most relevant information from experts in an efficient and entertaining way.

Social media platforms, tech channels, and professional knowledge sharing groups are all great ways to keep up with the tech sphere. The problem? You don’t have hours to spend reading all that content. 

Since you can listen while doing the dishes, driving or biking to work, gardening, exercising, and more, podcasts are the perfect way to get your daily dose of tech. Most are free to listeners and available on your favorite audio platforms. 

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What’s in a Tech Podcast for a Beginner?

A good tech podcast balances out the jargon and simplifies the nitty gritties into an easily digestible form. All you need is to keep up with these podcasts on a regular basis, and you’ll soon find yourself on top of tech trends you thought were too complex. 

Each top tech podcast episode focuses on a relevant topic or news item. Some shows have a single host, some have multiple hosts, and many feature guest experts. 

You’ll find storytelling, news reporting, or informal conversations exploring topics like IT, cryptocurrency, PC hardware, business tech, fintech and more. There’s a podcast for everyone, so check out our list and discover your favorite way to keep up with all things tech. 

What is International Podcast Day?

International Podcast Day celebrates audio media’s power to inform and spread awareness. On September 30th each year well-known podcasters live stream shows on various themes, including topics in the tech sphere. 

It’s also a great way to discover new podcasts and interact with your favorite podcast creators. The audio OTT space is rapidly growing, with listeners demanding and consuming fresh content at unprecedented rates, so you’ll want to tune in this year. 

International Podcast Day encourages content producers to create original podcasts about critical issues affecting people worldwide. Major podcast platforms (and even regional ones) including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Audible host special programs and exclusive episodes. Don’t miss out on all the creativity and fun this year!

The 11 Top Tech Podcasts You Should Follow

Let’s take a look at the 11 best tech podcasts you should definitely subscribe to! 

  1. The WAN Show

Luke Lafreniere and Linus Sebastian present the well-known “Weekly Analysis and News” (The WAN Show) podcast. You can also watch their popular YouTube channel to get the same content. The podcast specifically focuses on the IT industry in a weekly news broadcasting format. 

The presenters are very outspoken and don’t hesitate to expose technical flaws in hardware and software. In the March 18, 2022 episode, the hosts discussed design flaws in the way the power cord is engineered in the Apple Studio Display. Apart from a near perfect technical analysis, the podcast does a great job of entertaining its listeners too. 

The WAN Show is freely available on: 

    • 🎙️ YouTube
    • 🎙️ Apple Podcasts
    • 🎙️ Google Podcasts
    • 🎙️ Spotify

  1. Unchained

Expert crypto journalist Laura Shin hosts this conversational podcast. In the one hour weekly show, Shin invites blockchain and crypto innovators to share their thoughts and educate listeners on new technologies and issues related to cryptocurrencies, crypto payments, and decentralized web building. 

Among the most popular episodes is the December 27, 2017 “Crypto 101”, which introduces listeners to the crypto world and the magic of the blockchain.

The podcast is available for free on: 

    • 🎙️ YouTube
    • 🎙️ Deezer
    • 🎙️ Podbean
    • 🎙️ Apple Podcasts

  1. ThinkComputers Weekly Tech Podcast

Bob Buskrik, an expert in electronics and hardware, is the main force behind this tech news podcast. He takes listeners on an hour-long ride, discussing everything technology and the latest electronic gadgets in the market. He brings in product experts from respected brands to talk about their devices and highlight main design features.

“How a Graphics Card is Made” from November 1, 2016 is among the most listened to episodes, taking listeners on an actual factory tour to show how a GPU (Graphics processing unit) is made.

ThinkComputers is available for free on: 

    • 🎙️ Apple Podcasts
    • 🎙️ Google Podcasts
    • 🎙️ Spotify
    • 🎙️ RSS
    • 🎙️ iHeart
    • 🎙️ Stitcher

  1. Intego Mac Podcast

Mac experts Kirk McEkhearn and Joshua Long present this special Mac security podcast focusing on the latest Apple security news. The show packs in your weekly infotainment dose and it’s ideal if you use Mac and iOS devices

You’ll also get to hear industry opinions, security advice, and tips on using your Apple gadgets in a more productive way.

On the August 25th, 2022 episode (#254), the hosts discussed a topic many Apple users have wondered about. They compared biometric tech like Face ID and Touch ID with passcodes to uncover which is the most secure option for your devices.

The Intego Mac Podcast is available on: 

    • 🎙️ Apple Podcasts
    • 🎙️ Google Podcasts
    • 🎙️ Google Play
    • 🎙️ Spotify
    • 🎙️ TuneIn
    • 🎙️ Castbox
    • 🎙️ Overcast

  1. Product Hunt Radio

Abadesi Osunsade and Ryan Hoover present this unique weekly show. They interact with entrepreneurs, journalists, founders, investors, and innovators to discuss the latest technology stories and trends. 

In the October 17, 2018 episode “Gen Z and the future of social apps”, they invited two successful tech entrepreneurs to discuss the interesting routes today’s social media platforms could take in the future.

The podcast is available free on: 

    • 🎙️ Apple Podcasts
    • 🎙️ Google Podcasts
    • 🎙️ Spotify
    • 🎙️ Breaker
    • 🎙️ Overcast

  1. This Week in Tech

This pioneering podcast started way back in 2005, and it’s presented by Leo Laporte. In each two-hour podcast episode, Laporte discusses emerging technologies and trends with experts from diverse fields including big tech, tech ethics, privacy, and regulation. 

The parent brand, TwiT.tv, is a feast for technology lovers — it’s an impressive tech podcast network. Listeners praise TWiT for its unbiased opinions, accurate analysis, and knowledgeable hosts. 

The show also goes into the inner workings of the latest tech. In episode #86, the hosts talked with iFixit co-founder Kyle Wiens about the intricacies of the tech used in Apple AirPods.

Available free on: 

    • 🎙️ Apple Podcasts
    • 🎙️ Google Podcasts
    • 🎙️ Spotify
    • 🎙️ RSS
    • 🎙️ iHeart
    • 🎙️ Stitcher
    • 🎙️ Overcast
    • 🎙️ Tuneln

  1. Spark with Nora Young

CBC’s popular Spark podcast explores the latest tech developments and how technology affects us. Nora Young walks you through the latest developments in the tech niche. She discusses how technology influences culture, and brings listeners fresh ideas to make the most of technology.

Spark features talks about blockchain, Web3, cryptocurrency, internet security, the metaverse, and our digital future in general. In the ultra-popular “Protecting our intimate data(episode #550), Young and her guest-expert Danielle Citron discuss how intimate the data third parties gather about us can be. Citron offers tips on protecting yourself and talks about data protection as a civil rights issue.

Spark with Nora Young is available on: 

    • 🎙️ CBC Radio One
    • 🎙️ Apple Podcasts (and other podcast apps/platforms)

  1. Daily Tech News Show

Daily Tech News Show (nicknamed DTNS) is a 30-minute podcast in which hosts Tom Merritt and Sarah Lane analyze the latest developments in the tech sphere. They bring in guests to present complex technological information in an easy-to-understand format. DTNS is fun and educates you at the same time. You can also tune in to its companion shows like Know A Little More, Daily Tech Headlines, Good Day Internet, and Daily Tech Newsletter for more topics and info.

The hosts cover plenty of unique and refreshing issues, like feature requests we all have for our favorite apps. In episode #4346 Merritt and Lane talk about the possibility of Twitter launching an edit button in the future!

Stream DTNS on: 

    • 🎙️ Apple Podcasts
    • 🎙️ Spotify
    • 🎙️ Patreon
    • 🎙️ YouTube

  1. Accidental Tech Podcast

ATP is a very popular tech podcast among both beginners and professionals in the tech field. The podcast episodes are on the long side at around 2 hours each, but the hosts are usually entertaining and catch you up on a lot of tech and a bit of politics.

Marco Arment, John Siracusa, and Casey Liss discuss all things tech, Apple, and programming on the podcast. 

Accidental Tech is available on: 

    • 🎙️ Apple Podcasts
    • 🎙️ Castro
    • 🎙️ Overcast
    • 🎙️ Pocket Casts
    • 🎙️ RSS

  1.  Clockwise

Clockwise calls itself a “rapid-fire” tech discussion podcast. The show runs for 30 minutes and hosts Dan Moren and Mikah Sargent bring in guest speakers to talk about the most pressing technology issues.

The podcast also packs in nerdy tech secrets and tips, like episode #461 with its tech tips for new parents. 

You can listen to Clockwise on: 

    • 🎙️ Apple Podcasts
    • 🎙️ Castro
    • 🎙️ Spotify
    • 🎙️ Overcast

  1.  A16z

A16z is an innovation and technology focused podcast from Andreessen Horowitz, the well-known venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley. Its presenters delve into the deeper issues surrounding tech, life, and biology. The podcast also brings together industry experts, entrepreneurs, and tech evangelists to discuss the future of tech.

In the February 19, 2022 episode “Geo-engineering and the Power of Narrative”, the hosts talked about using geo-engineering to accomplish extraordinary feats, like bringing back the wooly mammoth from extinction.

The show is available on: 

    • 🎙️ Apple Podcasts
    • 🎙️ Spotify
    • 🎙️ Stitcher
    • 🎙️ Google Podcasts
    • 🎙️ Amazon Music

Technology and You

We live in an era when technology changes in the blink of an eye. Our lifestyles are increasingly busy and complex, and we’re always short on time. How can we keep up? Podcasts are an easy way to stay updated on the latest developments in tech and how they might affect you.

The best tech podcasts connect you with professionals and expert level knowledge on your commute or while you work around the house. The latest episode of your favorite podcast may not explain how to protect your privacy online in our increasingly IT-driven world, but we will.

As any tech expert will tell you, your reliance on technology and the IoT puts your data security and anonymity at risk. Data is currency, so get CyberGhost VPN to secure your private information. Safely stream your favorite podcast episodes, encrypt your connection, and stop companies from tracking you with a world-class VPN. 

CyberGhost’s servers are optimized to give you fast speeds for crystal-clear audio (and video). Our expansive network even lets you access your preferred podcasts while traveling abroad, in regions where they might not be available. 


What is the overall best IT podcast?

You’ll find some great IT podcasts out there, and The Wan Show stands out among them. It covers the latest trends in the IT field pretty well. Some other great IT-focused podcasts are TwiT, IT Visionaries, and The Cloudcast.
We recommend using CyberGhost VPN to connect to your favorite podcasts securely. Even if you’re traveling in a region where a podcast is unavailable, you can connect to a VPN server in your home country to enjoy shows on the move.

What is the best tech podcast on Spotify?

ThinkComputers Weekly Tech Podcast is one of the best (and most popular) tech podcasts on Spotify. Product Hunt Radio, This Week in Tech, and Tech Stuff are also among Spotify’s top tech podcasts.
Your school or work network might block some apps and websites (including Spotify) if they’re considered distracting. Try CyberGhost VPN risk-free for 45 days to unblock websites and streaming platforms on any network. That way you can always listen to podcasts on Spotify or keep up with your favorite YouTube content.

What is the best tech podcast for beginners?

This Week in Tech takes the top spot among the best tech podcasts for beginners. This versatile 2-hour show is groundbreaking, and it’s carved a niche for itself over the years. 
If you want to hone your crypto knowledge, Unchained is a great option. 
CyberGhost VPN makes it super easy to connect to a server of your choice and enjoy your favorite shows securely. If you face any problems accessing your podcasts, contact our 24/7 Customer Support team for help.

Are there any good IT podcasts for experts?

Apart from The Wan Show, TwiT, and IT Visionaries, some other IT-themed podcasts that cater to experts would be The Cloudcast and Heavy Networking from Packet Pushers.
If you’re at the cafe when your podcast episode drops, use CyberGhost VPN to connect safely. Our advanced Wi-Fi protection includes military-grade 256-bit encryption to secure your data and our automatic Kill Switch to stop your information from ever being leaked.

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