How to Get a Brazil IP Address in 3 Steps (Works in 2024)

Many Brazilian streaming services, online banking platforms, and other sites are only available within the country. To access them from outside Brazil, you’ll need a Brazilian IP address. The easiest way to get a Brazilian IP address is by connecting to a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

In this article, we’ll explain what a VPN is and how you can use one to get a Brazil IP address. You’ll also find out why CyberGhost is the best VPN for streaming, gaming, and torrenting in Brazil or abroad.

How to Get a Brazil IP in 3 Steps

  1. Subscribe to CyberGhost VPN — it’s fast & easy!
  2. Download and install the app on any device.
  3. Select a server in Brazil and start watching Globoplay!

A VPN is a type of software that reroutes your internet traffic through a private server in a different location.

VPNs have multiple private servers spread over the globe, and you can choose one from a specific country to get an IP address from there. For example, if you connect to a CyberGhost server in Brazil, you’ll get a Brazilian IP address and be able to access Brazilian websites from anywhere.

Why Should You Use a VPN to Get a Brazil IP Address?

Access Local Websites

You can use CyberGhost VPN to access streaming sites like Globoplay or Telecine when traveling outside Brazil. CyberGhost also makes it easy to connect to banking sites, online stores, or news sites that are otherwise only accessible in Brazil.

Access Websites Blocked by School/Work Networks

Schools or companies will sometimes prevent users on their networks from accessing certain websites. They may do this to manage bandwidth or because they think you should be working, not watching Netflix! CyberGhost VPN sends your data through a secure tunnel, which lets you unblock websites restricted by your local network.

Bypass ISP Throttling

ISPs may slow down your connection in response to activities that use up a lot of data, like streaming and torrenting. CyberGhost helps you bypass content-based throttling by encrypting your internet traffic and redirecting it to a private server, so your ISP can’t see what you’re doing.

Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi in public places is convenient, but it can also make you vulnerable to cybercriminals looking to steal your personal information. CyberGhost VPN helps keep you safe on public Wi-Fi. We use AES 256-bit encryption to make your data unreadable, and therefore inaccessible, to any third parties.

What Do You Get When You Install CyberGhost?

🎯 Thousands of Servers

CyberGhost VPN has 60 servers in Brazil alone. This means you don’t have to worry about server congestion causing buffering and lags.

You can also connect to 7400+ servers worldwide. Access websites from 91 countries and stream content from around the world.

🎯 Access Major Streaming Services

Streaming sites often blacklist VPNs, particularly free VPNs. If you want to guarantee access to Brazilian shows and movies from abroad, you need a premium VPN with specialized servers.

Cyberghost VPN has dedicated servers for 35+ streaming channels. Connect to CyberGhost’s Globo server to keep up with your favorite telenovelas, series, and films, or catch up on the latest sporting action on Globo SporTV.

Your CyberGhost subscription gives you access to streaming services from around the world, including Netflix, Hulu, and HBO. You’ll have a huge selection of films and shows at your fingertips!

🎯 Improved Privacy Online

CyberGhost VPN gives you enhanced privacy when you browse the internet. It hides your location by routing your traffic through a private server and masking your IP address.

CyberGhost’s headquarters in Romania are outside of any “Eyes” alliances. Our No Logs policy means we don’t track or record any of your data, and no one can compel us to share information with local or international authorities.

For superior privacy, activate CyberGhost’s kill switch feature. This disables your internet connection if your VPN connection drops for some reason, so your information can’t accidentally leak online.

🎯 7 Simultaneous Connections

CyberGhost VPN has apps for all major operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. Watch movies and shows on your Smart TV or take to the battleground on your Xbox or PlayStation.

You can use the CyberGhost app on up to 7 devices simultaneously. That means you can access your Brazil bank account on your phone while watching Brazilian shows on your laptop or TV. Best of all, friends and family can connect too!

🎯 Fast and Stable

Say goodbye to buffering! CyberGhost VPN gives you fast, stable connections and unlimited bandwidth. You can watch as much as you want (in ultra-HD quality) without having to deal with annoying interruptions.

🎯 Strong Security

If you’re accessing your bank account or shopping online, you need your internet connection to be secure. A VPN helps ensure your data will never fall into the wrong hands

CyberGhost VPN uses military-grade 256-bit AES encryption for maximum security. This scrambles your data so only the VPN server can decrypt your internet traffic. If cybercriminals try to target you, they’ll go home empty-handed.

We also offer a variety of security protocols to ensure your connection is both safe and fast. This makes sensitive tasks like online banking safer while ensuring your connection is fast enough for streaming.


Can I get a Brazil IP address on my phone?

Yes, you can get a Brazil IP address on your phone. CyberGhost has apps for iOS and Android smartphones. All you have to do is download the app, choose a server in Brazil, and connect.
Setting up the app is very easy, but if you run into any issues, you can contact our 24/7 Customer Support team.

Can I get an IP address from a specific city in Brazil?

All of CyberGhost’s servers in Brazil are in São Paulo, so you’ll get an IP address from there. Besides our 60 servers in São Paolo, CyberGhost also gives you access to servers in 91 other countries. To find out more, see our full list of servers.

If I use a Brazil IP address, will it hide my online activity from my ISP?

Simply using a Brazilian IP address is not enough to hide your activity from your ISP. That’s one reason why using a VPN is better than a proxy.
CyberGhost VPN encrypts your data, so your online activity is hidden from your ISP. It’s the best way to protect your digital identity and browse with enhanced privacy.

Can I use a free VPN to get a Brazil IP address?

You could, but it’s not a good idea. Free VPNs have smaller server networks, which means they’re unlikely to be able to give you a Brazilian IP address. Second, their connection speeds often aren’t fast enough for streaming. Finally, free VPNs have poor security features and may even sell your data to third parties.
Get CyberGhost VPN and enjoy instant access to 60 servers in Brazil, industry-leading security measures, and lightning-fast speeds. It’s a much better and safer choice for getting a Brazilian IP address!

Can I use a proxy to get a Brazil IP address?

While a proxy can get you a Brazil IP address, a VPN is the better option. Proxies don’t encrypt your data or prevent third parties from tracking you online.
CyberGhost VPN encrypts your data to prevent ISPs and cybercriminals from seeing what you’re doing online. Give CyberGhost a try risk-free with our 45-day money-back guarantee.

Can I watch Netflix with a Brazil IP address?

Yes, you can. When you connect to one of CyberGhost servers in Brazil, it masks your actual IP address with a Brazilian one. This means you can unblock Netflix Brazil, as well as other Brazilian streaming services like Telecine, Globoplay, and UOL Esporte Clube.
CyberGhost VPN also gives you access to dozens of streaming services from around the globe. Subscribe to the best streaming VPN today!

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