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Tired of hearing about the latest The Victim episode you can’t watch because you’re in the USA?

You can’t officially get BBC iPlayer in the USA, but you can benefit from an easy workaround to access it. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows you to access content while you’re in the USA. It reroutes your data through a British server, so you can access British sites as if you’re in the country.

We’ve designed CyberGhost VPN with streaming in mind. This allows you to watch BBC iPlayer in the USA with streaming-quality connection speeds any time you want.

Quick Guide – How to Watch BBC iPlayer in the USA in 3 Simple Steps

  1. Sign Up to CyberGhost VPN. With fast speeds and no interruptions, you can enjoy your favorite BBC shows.
  2. Select streaming servers. Find the BBC iPlayer-optimized UK server.
  3. Start Watching BBC iPlayer!

Why You Need CyberGhost VPN to Watch BBC iPlayer in the USA

BBC iPlayer detects your IP address to ensure you’re in the UK. That means if you try to connect from the USA, you can’t access iPlayer.

You need a VPN to get past this limitation. When you connect to a CyberGhost VPN UK server, the VPN masks your IP address with a British one. Once iPlayer detects your UK IP address, you can connect and start streaming!

CyberGhost VPN has dedicated servers optimized for streaming BBC iPlayer, so you’ll never have trouble connecting ever again. Soon you’ll be watching BBC iPlayer in the USA and forgetting borders were ever an issue!

While it’s completely legal to use a VPN with BBC iPlayer, unblocking content or creating an account outside countries where it is licensed may violate copyright. CyberGhost doesn’t recommend breaking any agreements or laws with or without a VPN.

Why Choose CyberGhost as the Best VPN for BBC iPlayer

Watch on Any Device

Apple TV and Roku have a built-in BBC iPlayer app. Great, right! Sadly it isn’t. These apps detect your location, so they’ll know you’re in the USA and immediately restrict access.

CyberGhost VPN has apps for almost every device to connect you to BBC iPlayer from the USA. We support a long device list, including AppleTV, SmartTVs, and even routers! Best of all, 1 subscription allows up to 7 devices to connect at once.

That means no more arguing over what, when, or how to watch! Everyone in your home can watch their British favorites at the same time, on their own devices.

Global Server Network

If you’re a BBC period drama fan, you might also watch movies based on Jane Austen’s novels. These classics aren’t available on US Netflix.

A VPN helps you access these titles from the USA. CyberGhost VPN has 7000+ servers worldwide in 90+ countries and 660+ servers in the UK. We’ve optimized some servers for streaming, including BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and more. We designed these servers for a specific streaming service so you can connect every time.

CyberGhost VPN’s global server network makes switching between different streaming services simple. Start your very own Jane Austen marathon and finish it off with everything Netflix offers worldwide.

Stream Your Heart Out on BBC iPlayer

Some VPNs place limits on how much data you can use because they have too many users and not enough servers. Watching BBC iPlayer can squeeze your limit fast since streaming uses up huge amounts of data. How can you still enjoy your favorite content on a VPN?

It’s simple, use CyberGhost VPN! We have thousands of servers in our network, so CyberGhost VPN doesn’t have bandwidth limits. You won’t have to deal with overcrowded servers either.

Stream as much BBC iPlayer content as you want with zero bandwidth limits! Start using CyberGhost VPN and unleash all British entertainment has to offer.

Switch to 2nd Gear and Watch in UHD

Since VPNs send all your data from one place to another, they can slow down your connection, especially if you’re physically far from the server.

We designed CyberGhost VPN for performance, so you won’t notice slowdowns, even if you connect to a UK server from the USA! CyberGhost uses the quickest VPN protocols, ensuring you enjoy the fastest streaming speeds available.

We also offer special streaming servers. Just log into your app, go to the server list, and select a UK-based server under the streaming category. Connect to it and watch Top Gear on BBC iPlayer faster than you can say: “a star in a reasonably priced car” with CyberGhost VPN.

Goodbye Throttling, Hello Unlimited Streaming

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use throttling to restrict your streaming. ISPs may throttle to reduce network traffic or to make you pay for faster speeds. They might place a monthly or hourly cap on streaming. Your ISP uses your IP address to monitor your online activity and track data usage.

A VPN uses a secure tunnel to safely send and receive your data. This tunnel reroutes your internet connection through the VPN server and encrypts your data. Since no one can read encrypted data without the key, your ISP can’t see what you’re doing anymore.

If the ISP can’t monitor your activity, it’s impossible to throttle your connection. Use CyberGhost’s secure tunnel to start streaming BBC iPlayer now, and break free from throttling forever!

Other Streaming Services You Can Use with CyberGhost VPN: Enjoy other top British programs through our dedicated streaming servers for Netflix UK, ITV, Channel4, and Amazon Prime Video UK.

How to Sign Up for BBC iPlayer

Follow these 4 simple steps to sign up for BBC iPlayer:

  1. Open the CyberGhost VPN app on your device
  2. Connect to the BBC iPlayer-optimized UK streaming server
  3. Go to to register
  4. Click sign-in and then register now.

Finally, before you watch, it’ll ask you if you have a license to watch BBC in the UK. Once you click confirm, start watching BBC iPlayer!

How to Watch BBC iPlayer on Your Computer

If you’re connecting from your computer, watching BBC iPlayer is simple. Download the CyberGhost VPN app for Windows or Mac, and follow these easy steps:

  1. Connect to the CyberGhost VPN app
  2. Select streaming servers
  3. Connect to the BBC iPlayer-optimized UK server
  4. Go to in your web browser
  5. Log in and start watching BBC iPlayer

How to Watch BBC iPlayer On Your Mobile Device

Watching BBC iPlayer on your mobile device is just as easy!

On iOS

  1. Go to the app store
  2. Download the CyberGhost VPN app
  3. Click on connect to best location
  4. Click on the streaming tab
  5. Connect to the BBC iPlayer-optimized UK server
  6. Go to the App Store
  7. Download the BBC iPlayer app
  8. Log in and start watching BBC iPlayer

On Android

  1. Go to the Play store
  2. Download the CyberGhost VPN app
  3. Click on connect to best location
  4. Click on the streaming tab
  5. Connect to the BBC iPlayer-optimized UK server
  6. Go to the Play Store
  7. Download the BBC iPlayer app
  8. Log in and start watching BBC iPlayer


Is BBC iPlayer available in the USA?

No. BBC iPlayer isn’t officially available anywhere outside the UK, and BBC doesn’t offer a version for the USA. BBC even checks IP addresses and rejects anyone trying to use the service from a non-UK address. Still, if you’re wondering how to get BBC iPlayer in the USA, it’s simple. Just connect to CyberGhost VPN’s iPlayer streaming server or choose a server from our 660+ UK servers, and start watching your favorite content!

Can you watch BBC iPlayer with a VPN?

Yes. That said, not all VPNs have optimized servers for streaming, so you’ll end up exposed to BBC iPlayer’s detection and suffer rejection. Top VPNs, like CyberGhost VPN, have a dedicated UK-based server optimized for streaming iPlayer. That way, you skip the hassle and can start streaming the best content Britain has to offer.

Can you watch BBC iPlayer for free?

Yes. BBC iPlayer is free to watch for users with a valid UK address who pay BBC’s obligatory annual license fee. When you register for iPlayer, it’ll ask you if you’ve paid the fee. Once you click confirm, you can connect with no added charge.

If you’re connecting from the USA, you also have to get a UK IP address. CyberGhost VPN’s dedicated iPlayer streaming server makes this effortless. CyberGhost’s support team is here 24/7 to help get you connected as soon as possible.

Do all VPNs work with BBC iPlayer?

No. Many VPNs are too slow for streaming because they have overcrowded servers. BBC also detects if you’re using a VPN’s IP address and might restrict access to iPlayer. CyberGhost VPN has fast speeds, replaces your IP with one from the UK, and includes optimized servers for major streaming platforms like BBC iPlayer. Try CyberGhost VPN and enjoy British content anytime, anywhere!

Can you watch BBC iPlayer with a free VPN?

Never. Most free VPNs have a limited server selection, so you can’t connect to the country you want. Even if they do, the servers are often overcrowded, so it’s near impossible to reach streaming speeds. Why not give CyberGhost VPN a shot? We’re so sure you’ll love it; we’ve backed it with an industry-leading 45-day money-back guarantee!

Will CyberGhost VPN slow down my streaming speed?

No. While all VPNs slow your connection to some extent, CyberGhost doesn’t slow your connection enough to affect streaming speeds! Connect to the fastest VPN for streaming and start watching BBC iPlayer!

What other streaming services can you access with CyberGhost VPN?

CyberGhost VPN has dedicated streaming servers for Channel4, ITV, Netflix UK, and other major streaming platforms. Our extensive UK server network gives you the freedom to browse the internet as if you were in the UK. Worldwide, we have 7000+ servers in 90+ countries, so you can connect to just about anything!

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