Introducing our updated CyberGhost VPN app for Linux

Now with WireGuard® support

Linux-loving Ghosties, we have some excellent news for your: our updated CyberGhost VPN for Linux app is here!

And it now comes with WireGuard® capabilities. 😉

Hello, WireGuard®!

WireGuard® is a free and open-source software application and communication protocol that implements virtual private network (VPN) techniques to create secure point-to-point connections in routed or bridged configurations.

This is a fairly new VPN protocol, still labeled as a work in progress. It aims to marry the security of the OpenVPN protocol with the speed of (the now easier to block) IPsec.

When it comes to encryption, WireGuard® is all about the strictest security standards. It also comes with some extra benefits like faster speeds, more user-friendliness, and less power usage.

The beginning of a beautiful friendship

Here at CyberGhost VPN, we’ve been paying close attention to the development of WireGuard®. And we must confess, we’ve been impressed with the protocol’s performance.

So, we’ve decided to integrate it and get involved.

Our team will be performing code reviews and adding to the functionalities in the near future.

All because we want to give you the best possible VPN protection, no matter your device or OS of choice.

What else is new in the app

You can now find five additional distros and distro versions in our CyberGhost VPN for Linux app:

      • Fedora 31
      • Mint 19
      • CentOS 7
      • Kali
      • PoP!_OS

Using something else?

Leave a comment below and let us know. We’ll plan our development accordingly. 😉

Update your app

To get the latest version of our Linux app, head to My account.

From there, configure a new device and select the app version that corresponds to your Linux distribution.

Then run the ‘’ installer and that’s it. 🙂

Until next time, stay safe and secure!

“WireGuard” is a registered trademark of Jason A. Donenfeld.

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Does the WireGaurd have an Option forSmartphones of the Apple iPhones? In the near future… I am hearing Great things about this new improved VPN,..!
Also what about Nokia Android smartphones or smartphones that are less popular., but are of the same usefulness with less functionalities than the Other “Smartphones” I am most Interested in the quality and real ness also what are the qualities that make CYBER GHOST Better than the others we’ve ALL learned of.
Tone honest I Only was able to try the 7 Day FREE TRIAL ! I


Hi, Ghostie! You can find the WireGuard® beta version in our app settings on iOS devices. 😉 We’ll keep you updated as other operating systems will be supported as well.

Any estimate on when WireGuard will be available for Windows 10?


Hi, Mike! We don’t have an exact estimate, but our dev team should have a solution soon.

Will the Wireguard App run on ARM boxes as well ?


We’re planning on expanding WireGuard® support across different devices. Stay tuned for future updates!

your current linux app does not support Ubuntu 20.04
Will your wireguard app support Ubuntu 20.04 , and will it work on OpenWrt routers?
When shall we expect to try it out?!


Hi! Thanks for the suggestion. Our team is looking into implementing WireGuard® on different operating systems and implementing certificates for manual configurations. Stay tuned for updates!

Add faster support for windows,Android and fire tv also.


Hi! Our team is working on adding WireGuard® support for other operating systems as well. Stay tuned!

I am tired of OpenVPN and look forward to something fresh. I am using the newest Version of Mint and look forward to actively helping in the development of this venture. I am in volved with Canadian Indigenous communities and it is imperative that we take back our internet.


Would love to see this on Manjaro!


Will we be able to use the native wireguartd clientor only your provided one?


will we also be able to connect via the native wireguard client,
or only your provided one?


I am also interested in this. It would be very useful for setting Wireguard up in router as well, where the gain in performance will be the most significant

Yes, it’s possible. The procedure for connecting to a selected server is rather simple. I’ve been able to recover the inner operations of this CLI tool while troubleshooting it.

Hey dmytro,
that sounds great.
Would you care to share your findings?

Hello, I write to you through a server connected with WireGuard protocol enabled using the Linux app. Everything works fine!

This brand-new open source protocol is amazing despite it is currently classified as experimental. I’ll follow the development of WireGuard very closely.
Hope you’ll add WireGuard protocol in other applications in the future.

A great article which speaks about the WireGuard protocol:


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